Working Papers

"Do Bigger Firms Get Better Terms Evidence from Pay TV" with Alexander Raskovich, (revision requested at AEJ: Microeconomics)

We employ a unique, transaction-level dataset of program licensing by Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs) to study the relationship between firm size and bargaining leverage. We find per-subscriber-per-month licensing fees paid by MVPDs to program suppliers decrease significantly with MVPD size but increase significantly with program supplier size, consistent with the bargaining leverage hypothesis. These results are robust across a variety of specifications suggested by Nash bargaining theory. In particular, we control for contract vintage, distributor quality and competitive intensity.

"Size Effects and Bargaining Power in the Multichannel Television Industry" with Nicolay Doudchenko and Ali Yurukoglu

"The effect of Race-Accountability on Student Achievement" (Under Review)

"The Impact of HMOs on Preventive Care and Undiagnosed Conditions Along the Life-Cycle" (revision requested at International Journal of Health Policy and Management)

Works in Progress

“Cost Sharing and Price Competition in MRI Services" with Mark Votruba draft slides